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First APQP4Wind project

12 June 2018

KK Wind Solutions and Vestas successfully completed the first project using the new common standards in the wind industry, APQP4Wind. 

A year after, the official launch of the APQP4Wind manual, the first project following the APQP4Wind manual was successfully completed.
The project started with a APQP4Wind kick-off meeting with the customer to align expectations and quality standards. “When we know the specification, the associated critical parameters and the expectations then we have a much better foundation to fulfil and exceed our customers’ expectations,” says Kim Schmidt Petersen, QHSE Manager at KK Wind Solutions, and continues: 
“We are very pleased that the APQP4Wind Manual works as a key enabler for common alignment at all levels - especially in the early stages of the project."
The kick-off meeting was followed by a project order to start manufacturing the UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) panels and the completion of a PSW (Part Submission Audit). 
In March 2017, the first series of panels was shipped from KK Wind Solutions’ lean manufacturing facility in Poland and successfully delivered to the customer. 
“Vestas has been using the APQP4Wind project model for a Vestas specific UPS panel development project, using KK Wind Solutions as a partnering systems supplier. The main advances for using this model was the clear understanding and alignment for the tasks during the project. The detailed planning and deliverables embedded in the APQP4Wind manual ensured that risks and challenges was managed in time,” says Claus Hein Hansen, Quality Specialist at Vestas.
In November a VDA 6.3 audit was conducted and passed with a close-to-perfect score. 
 “This project is not only a great accomplishment for KK Wind Solutions, but for the entire industry. The APQP4Wind initiatives have now proven its effectiveness and we have the excellent VDA score to prove it,” says Kim Schmidt Petersen, QHSE Manager at KK Wind Solutions.

For further information about KK Wind Solutions’ participation in APQP4Wind, please contact: Kim Schmidt Petersen, QHSE Manager


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APQP4Wind is a subproject of the cross-industry project "New standards in the wind industry", which is supported by The Danish Industry Foundation with DKK. 5.4 million over the years 2015-2018.

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