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APQP4Wind participants are happy and hungry for more

5 July 2018

After a successful event on the 12 June 2018, the event organizers, Danish Wind Industry Association and the APQP4Wind steering committee, have now analyzed the comments and feedback from the more than 100 participants. Results show that participants are happy and hungry for more.

The APQP4Wind event on 12 June marked the official formation of APQP4Wind as an independent organization. The event was the biggest APQP4Wind event this year, and with an average satisfaction score of 8.2 out of 10 possible, it is safe to say that the participants were very pleased with the event. 

Appetite for more
And evenly positive, the feedback also shows that participants are hungry for more and eager to receive more insights from future events.  When asked what they would like to see more of in coming events, they pointed to the following: 
  • More practical examples of implementation of APQP4Wind.
  • Examples of how APQP4Wind is handled at customers.
  • More knowledge sharing among suppliers, OEMs and utilities.
  • Detailed information on the integration of APQP4Wind in the daily routines between OEM, contactors and sub-contractors.
  • A tool for business.
  • More time for workshops.
  • More possibilities to influence the development of APQP4Wind in relevant working groups.
“In APQP4Wind we care a lot about quality and ensuring high quality is our raison d'être. This focus is, of course, also prevalent in our events, and receiving so many great constructive suggestions is not only a sign of high engagement and commitment from the participants, but also an important tool that helps us improve our future events and ensure a fruitful, honest and close dialogue between manufacturers and suppliers in the development and deployment of the APQP4Wind framework”, Kim Nedergaard Jacobsen, Senior Project Manager at the Danish Wind Industry Association.

APQP4Wind will become an independent organization in August. Since its formation as a cross-industrial project facilitated by Danish Wind Industry Association, the interest and engagement has been rapidly increasing with nearly 1000 persons having completed an APQP4Wind course. 

Seeing an increased global demand for APQP4Wind training courses, the training providers are continuingly developing training courses in new countries, following the demand with new countries continuously being added to the training schedule. 

A busy and eventful Autumn lies ahead when the APQP4Wind organization will take its form and work to take action on the requests and feedback received while continuing the further developments of the APQP4Wind concept. 


Kim Nedergaard Jacobsen

Kim Nedergaard Jacobsen

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APQP4Wind is a subproject of the cross-industry project "New standards in the wind industry", which is supported by The Danish Industry Foundation with DKK. 5.4 million over the years 2015-2018.

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