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The purpose of this website is to communicate to suppliers and sub suppliers a common Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) Read more


APQP4Wind is part of the cross industrial project New Standards in the Wind Industry and aims to expand the use of the newly developed APQP4Wind standard.

APQP4Wind was started in 2015 and is supported by the Danish Industry Foundation and facilitated by the Danish Wind Industry Association

APQP4Wind™ is a trademark of the Danish Wind Industry Association in Denmark.


APQP4Wind helps to lower costs

"Wind turbines are marvels of engineering and often consist of no less than 8.000 separate parts. The stress and tear that a wind turbine goes through is unique, running non-stop for up to 25 years in harsh conditions.

APQP4Wind will help to further increase quality and all in all I expect that the companies involved will benefit from fewer costs in the long run, bringing the industry closer to the goal of making wind energy more cost competitive."
Kim Nedergaard Jacobsen, Senior Project Manager


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